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Sunday Morning Service

We begin Sunday School at 10:30am (See Calendar for location).
You can join us by Zoom using this address: https://zoom.us/j/93014263921
If you want to join the worship service, use the same link and come about 12:15 pm. Don't worry if you are late. We don't mind.


Adult and Youth Sunday School

Pastor Steve and Danny Brown lead the respective Sunday Schools in a lively discussion of the Word of God and prayer. Danny has in depth studies of the Bible. Pastor Steve always has some choice words from the Bible to share with us on various topics..



Discipleship Class - Sunday afternoon

Every so often, on special days, we go directly after the service to the Pastor's house to enjoy a delicious meal. Then we feast on the Word of God as Pastor Steve continues his in depth training in the scriptures.


Tuesday afternoon Bible Study
Tuesday evening Youth Group Wednesday evening Bible Study

See the Calendar for updates of time and places.