The Narrow Gate

by Pastor Stephen Brown, MDiv

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In the book “Pilgrim's Progress” the main character Christian became aware of sin in his life by reading the Holy Bible. The sin becomes a heavy weight on his back that he can't get rid of. His sin causes him great distress and fear and guilt, as he learns about God's great wrath and judgment that will be out poured on lost sinners. In desperation he tries to find a way to get rid of his sin. He meets Evangelist, who directs him to a path that leads to a narrow gate he must enter to find the cross of Jesus Christ. At the cross he will find forgiveness and salvation from sin. Christian obeys and finds the Narrow Gate, overcoming obstacles and bows at the foot of the cross. Christian cries out to the Lord and the burden of sin falls off and he finds peace and salvation.

The allegory illustrates Jesus teaching in Luke 13, and Matthew 7 to sinners to strive to enter the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction and many enter, but narrow is the gate and narrow is the way that leads to life and few there be that find it. In order to be saved a sinner must find this narrow gate.





Today many false preachers and the modern churches are pretending to have the narrow gate when they don't. They teach people that baby baptism or confirmation is the gate, or coming to an altar and saying the sinner's prayer is the gate, or adult baptism is the gate, or gurus like Joel Osteen teach the gate is found through positive self help formulas that cause salvation. Many churches teach through church membership and trusting church doctrine one will find the gate, or living a good religious life is the gate. All these so called gates to salvation created by false prophets and the modern church are false. Only Jesus Christ has the knowledge and power to show us sinners the narrow gate. In fact He is the gate. In order to find this narrow gate you must seek to find the Lord Jesus through repentance and faith. As you seek Him for salvation He will help you find the gate and give you salvation and the new birth. (Read the follow up article: Exposing False Prophets)