The Heresy of Baby Baptism

by Pastor Stephen Brown, MDiv

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Many people today believe that baby baptism is a legitimate Christian doctrine because so many churches teach it and practice it. They teach a person becomes a Christian through being baptized as a baby, then later, their faith is confirmed at confirmation. They teach baptism saves babies from hell. ,

Some teach that a baptized baby is born again. Many churches teach through baptism, people become saved Christians. This is false teaching or a heresy. Neither Jesus nor the apostles ever baptized babies or even taught that water baptism saves anyone.

The Bible does not teach or support this evil doctrine that has caused many to miss heaven. Baby baptism was first taught over one hundred years after Christ. No one is ever




saved just because they are baptized either as an infant or an adult. There is no power in water baptism to save anyone or make anyone a Christian. Without a deep, heartfelt repentance, you cannot be saved. Baby baptism does not require repentance or faith and is false.

Jesus hardly ever spoke of water baptism. He said in John 3, that for someone to enter God's kingdom (become and Christian) they must be born again. Christ through the Scriptures teaches us a person must repent of their sins (have godly sorrow and give up their sinful living) and then put their faith in Jesus Christ to save them in order to be born again. Sinners get saved through hearing the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, repenting and calling on Christ to save them and give them the new birth.