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A follow up of "the Narrow Gate" by Pastor Stephen Brown, MDiv

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Recently Pastor Harger (a Lutheran pastor) was alarmed I labeled preachers who preach that baby baptism and confirmation saves, as false preachers. This gospel is false and those who believe it have a false hope and will perish. This is a man made system of salvation. It was never taught by Jesus Christ or the apostles in the Holy Scripture. As a Lutheran Pastor I rejected it because scripture does.

Baby baptism was first taught about 100 years after Christ by a bishop in Hippo, Africa as new doctrine. Pastor Harger tried to defend baby baptism by twisting Scripture. He says Matthew 28 tells us to disciple all men including infants. But Mark 16 clearly states we are to preach to all men, but only disciple those who repent and believe the Gospel. Baptism is only for those who repent and believe. It is inappropriate and heresy to baptize infants or anyone who does not repent and believe in Christ. Harger teaches that babies, unable to believe, do need to be saved and they are saved through baptism. This is false. Christ never taught baptism can save an infant or anyone. (John 3) Paul in Romans 1 taught that hearing and obeying the Gospel of Christ is the means that cause sinners to be saved, not baptism. Harger





teaches that because infants are sinners they will perish if not baptized. This is false. The death of Jesus Christ saves all babies. They are in an innocent state and unable to repent or believe. All babies ascend to heaven at death and do not need baptism to save them.

Baby baptism is a terrible, corrupt use of baptism. It terrifies parents that unbaptized infants go to hell at death. It is used to pressure parents to look to the church to save their babies. It is used to proselyte parents and families to join and even trust in the church and baptism, rather than in Jesus Christ.

Harger teaches confirmation as a means of salvation. The knowledge of God they learn in confirmation causes them to publicly profess faith in Christ. He believes this saves them. This is false. Knowledge about Christ does not save anyone. A public confession does not save either. A sinner must have a deep, heart repentance and a heart faith given by God to be saved. The scriptures declare those who preach a false gospel are cursed by God. (Gal. 1) (Read the original article: The Narrow Gate)